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PD-8000 series

PE)-8000 series can be insta‖ ed to the wide range of X―ray equiprYnents including
radiography′fluoroscopy′IVR(interVentional radiography)′ etC.′and rYnonitors entrance
skin dose of patients in real time.it measures DAP(dose area product)十 DAP rate
and/or Dose tt Dose rate.EspeciaHy in iVR application′ the awareness of necessity in
monitoring patient dose has been increasing frorn a viewpoint of preventing the
possible deterministic effect of radiation injury in patients.As the detector is rrnade
with highly transparent films forlight and radiation′ and instaHed to X―ray equipment′
it realizes accurate measurement without interfering the patient procedures or
putting any stress on patients




1. As the flat ionization chamber inade with highly transparent filrYl ensures the

norrnal use of light field′ perrYnanent instaHation of the detector to the X― ray

equiprYlents does not affect on norrlnal X― ray operation.

2. standard RS232C interface is connectable to external devices such as PC and

printer for data rnanagerYnent.

3日 Bright display panel on the electronic control unit has a high l





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