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TE-XS5030 C X-ray Security Inspection System



1. Compact Design
2. High density alarm
3. Cost Effective
4. Extremely High Resolution
5. Dual-energy
6. assist to detect explosives.

TE-XS5030 C X-ray Security Inspection System

Application: security inspection for carry-on baggage or parcels etc. It is an ideal security inspection system to inspect small size baggage in railway stations, bus stands,government institutions,mall centers,multiplex theaters, hotels etc.

Main Features:
• Compact Design
• High density alarm
• Cost Effective
• Extremely High Resolution
• Multi-language support
• Dual-energy material discrimination
• Assist to detect drug and explosive powder
• Powerful X-ray source imaging performance and penetration

General Specification:
Tunnel Size: 505mm(Width)*307mm(Height)
Conveyor Speed:  0.2m/s
Conveyor Height : 730mm
Conveyor Max.Load : 100kg(Uniform distribution)
Resolution:  40AWG(0.0787mm) 44SWG
Spatial Resolution:  horizontal: 1.0mm vertical : 1.0mm
Penetrable Resolution:  36AWG(0.127mm) 40SWG
Penetration : 43mm of steel
Monitor : 17” color screen; Screen resolution:1280×1024

X-ray Generator
Anode Voltage : 140-160Kvp (Adjustable)
Cooling/ Duty cycle: Sealed oil cooling/ 100%
Dose per Inspection:  Less than 1.0μGy

Image Processing System
Image Enhancement Features Color/black&white image, organic/inorganic materials image, variable absorption rate, edge-enhancement, negative image, high/low penetration, pseudo image
Multi-energetic distinguish objects Organic objects in orange, inorganic objects in blue, mixture in green
Selection and enlargement variable zoom: 1-32 times enlargement, support continuous enlargement
Image Playback:  Checked image playback
Storage Capacity : At least 100,000 images

Radiation Safety
Radiation leakage: Less than 0.5μGy /h
In full compliance with all
international radiation safety requirements and external emissions limits.
Film Safety:  In accordance with ASA/ISO1600 film safe standard

System Function
TIP(Threat Image Projection), high density alarm, date / time display, baggage counter, user management, system timing, ray beam timing, power on self test, image storage and search maintenance and diagnosis, bi-directional scanning, image recognition training

Installation Data

External Dimensions: 1719mm(Length)*761mm(Width)*1183mm(Height)
Weight: 500Kg
Power Consumption: 0.6kVA
Operating Voltage: 220VAC(±10%) 50±3Hz
Stabilized Power Supply Parameter Input voltage: 220VAC (± 15%) 50Hz (± 5%)
Output voltage: 220VAC (± 1%) 50Hz ± 1Hz
Operation Temperature: -5±3°C~+45±2°C
Storage Temperature:  -40±3°C~+60±2°C
Relative Humidity:  5%~95% (Non-condensing)

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