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Walkthrough Metal Detector Garrett PD 6500 i

Standar internasional saat ini untuk keamanan logam
Deteksi adalah yang paling banyak menuntut. Garrett telah meningkat dalam hal ini
Tantangan dengan PD 6500 baru saya, DSP berbasis eksklusif kami
walk-through yang memberikan deteksi target yang superior
diskriminasi yang tak tertandingi dari item yang tidak berbahaya seperti koin, perhiasan,
kunci, bungkus rokok dan sumpit sepatu. PD6500 saya bersama Garretts
Deteksi titik 33-zona yang unik memberikan yang terbaik
keamanan, throughput dan kehandalan dengan program preset untuk menutupi
rangkaian aplikasi keamanan yang paling lengkap, termasuk yang baru
Administrasi Keamanan Transportasi (TSA) Enhanced Metal
Sistem Detektor (EMD) diperlukan untuk semua bandara A.S.


Garretts exclusive multiple target pinpointing with 33 distinct detection zones for full
target coverage on the left, center and right side of the body from head to toe. (Figure 1)
Smooth, efficient traffic flow with easy-to-view eye-level pacing lights with international
"wait"( ) and "proceed"( ) symbols on the entrance side of each panel. (Figure 2)
Easy operation with a backlit LCD and LED bar graphs for continuous online
operating status and self-diagnostic reporting. (Figure 3)
Simple-to-use controls and settings use menu selections and touchpads. (Figure 3)


S p e c i f i cat i o ns
Operating Temperatures:-4F (-20C) to +158F (70C)
Humidity: To 95% noncondensing
Power: Fully automatic 100 to 240 VAC, 50 or 60 Hertz, 5 watts; no rewiring, switching or adjustments required.
Power supply meets UL, CSA, TUV and VDE standards.
Weatherproofing / Foreign Object Protection StandardsM: eets IP 54, IEC Standard. "Degrees of Protection Provided by Enclosures," CEI 529.
Tamper-Proof: All settings are secured with a physical key lock and two levels of access codes.
Further security is accomplished with a cabinet lock which prevents unauthorized access to cables, connectors and circuit boards.
Construction: Attractive scratch and mar-resistant laminate. Detection Heads and Support: Heavy duty aluminum.
Control Outputs: Solid state switches (low voltage AC or DC) for operating external alarms and control devices.
Traffic Counter: Counter tracks the number of patrons that have passed through the detector, the number of alarms,
and calculates an alarm percentage.
Synchronization:Dual channels and DSP circuitry allow several PD 6500 is to operate simultaneously in close proximity to one another.
Interference Suppression:Special Garrett DSP built-in circuitry eliminates effects from x-ray monitors
and other potential electrical interference sources.
Calibration: Fifteen (15) independent programs designed to meet all installation-specific requirements
including the newTSA Enhanced Metal Detector (EMD) System requirements for all U.S. airports.
Alarms:Audible tone and volume adjustable. Bright red LED visual alarm.
Target Pinpointing Lights:Thirty-three (33) distinct pinpoint zones are displayed with two (2)
independent columns of LEDs located on exit side of PD 6500i.
Pacing Lights:International WAIT( ) and PROCEED( ) symbols located on entrance side of detector.

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