TXR-BDX Series

Xray Inspection System TXR-BDX Series cocok untuk produk tegak seperti kaleng tegak, botol dan kotak dll


Xray Inspection System TXR-BDX Series

  • Applying double sets of imaging systems, to achieve inspection in double visual angles and avoid missing inspection of blind area
  • Intelligent zoning to ensure optimal sensitivity for different areas
  • Multi-function, to achieve the inspection for foreign bodies, caps,filling level and packing defects synchronously


Model : TXR-2080BDX X-ray Tube : Single tube MAX. 120kV, 480W Maximum Inspection Width : 180mm Maximum Inspection Height : 250mm Best Inspection Ability : SUS BallΦ0.4mm, SUS WireΦ0.3*2mm Conveyor Speed : 10-70m/min Operating Environment : Temperature:-10~40℃ Cooling Method:Industrial Air Conditioner Humidity: 30-90%, Frosting-free Humidity control: Dehumidifier X-ray Leakage : <1 Microsievert per hour Rejecter: Push Type Pressure Requirements : 0.6-0.8Mpa Power Supply : AC220V, 1.5kVA Max, 50/60Hz Levels of Protection : IP66 Main Material : SUS304

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