Inspection unit
• Dimensions:
6876mm (L) x 2782mm (W) x 2280mm (H)
6876mm (L) x 2782mm (W) x 2430mm (H) optional
• Weight: approx 2500kg
• Tunnel size:
1500mm (W) x 1652mm (H)
1500mm (W) x 1802mm (H) optional
• Conveyor belt height: 314mm (adjustable)
• Belt speed: 0.2m/s
• Maximum bag weight: 3000kg
• 1 LCD widescreen monitor
• Power supply: Monophase 230VAC +/- 10%
• Frequency: 50/60Hz +/- 3Hz
• Power absorption: 4.5kVA
• Duty cycle: 100%

X-Ray generator
• High frequency monobloc
• Tube voltage: 160kV
• Tube current: 1mA
• Beam orientation: Diagonal upwards

Environmental compliance
• Operational temperatures: 0ºC to 40ºC
• Storage temperature: -20ºC to +60ºC
• Humidity: 95% without condensation
• Noise level: < 60dB

Detection characteristics
• Resolution*: 36 AWG guaranteed, 38 AWG typical
• Penetration*: 30mm steel guaranteed, 32mm steel typical
• Detectors: two "L"-shaped rows of photodiodes

Health and Safety
The system fully meets the applicable international regulations for X-Ray equipment
• Leakage dose at 10cm: < 1.0μSv/h (0.1mR/h)
• Film safety: guaranteed up to ISO 1600/33 DIN

• Digital image archiving
• Modular roller tables

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