TORECK TLD System consists of TLD reader (incl.
built-in printer and reading device), TLD elements,
TLD holders, annealing oven and radiation source
for calibration. As the overall function of those
devices, the system can measure precisely a wide
range of radiation with simple operation.
●Personal dose management, radiation manage-
ment in facilities, environmental dosimetry
●Dose measurement at X-ray imaging, radiothera-
peutic dose measurement, dose measurement of
RI radiation source and accelerator
●Cosmic radiation measurement, archeometry, etc.


●Data analysis with personal computer is possible.
●Its compact design realizes an easy-to-read LCD
display panel and a simple touch operation


[ Specifications ]
Display panel LCD
Measuring range 1μSv ~ 100Sv
Display range 0.1μSv ~ 9999Sv
Range switching Auto or manual swiching,       
4 ranges
Measuring time 1) Standard mode: 18sec
2) Variable mode: max. 240sec
Heating temp. 1) Standard mode: 300℃
2) Variable mode; max. 500℃
High-voltage power -500V ~ -700V
Dark current compensation 0 ~ 100pA
Corrected value memory 1)Calibration: 1 point    
2)Element sensitivity
corrected value: 5 points


Data memory 998 points
Built-in printer Thermal dot (20 digits)
Analogue output a) Glow max. 5V
b) Temperature max. 5V
Digital output 1) RS-232C (bi-directional)
Data analysis software 1) Data correction function
2) Glow / temperature analysis
3) Creation of data table
Power source AC100V±5V, 50/60Hz
Weight 15kg
Size 360mm(W) x
450mm(D) x

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